02-05 NOVEMBER, GROSSER GARTEN, UCKERMARK, GERSWALDE. 480 euro per person early birds, until the 30th of SEPTEMBER OR 580 euro.

A small group of 13 persons, 4-day retreat including accommodation, food, yoga, meditation, and more. Starting on Thursday at 16:00 until Sunday at 14:0o. GROSSERGARTEN, Uckermark. 

October edition

We are returning once again and forever, to our favorite garden in the Uckermark. The house, where we will host the retreat is located on a gorgeous property, with a big common space. The land is on a terrace, taking you to a wildflower and vegetable garden.

It is important for us to have a unique and accessible nature from our doorsteps.

As we want to offer our guests a relaxing weekend away, for taking the time, doing and not doing. We live such a busy lifestyle that we often forget to take the time to nurture ourselves with art, movement, self-care practices, good food, and nature. This is why Now~us has emerged. We want to offer you a peaceful time with no challenges necessary, a weekend where you won't have to organize anything except maybe, to decide if you would prefer reading a book by yourself in a hot bath or being with great people making clay or doing both.

There will be two movement practices in the morning and in the evening, by Natalie Abbott, dancer, yoga teacher, and sex therapist. We invite you to let go of any expectations and be open to exploring movement, touch, and body for self-exploration within a community.

During the day there will be free time for you to use as you wish and a ceramic workshop run by Dea Kakker, a multidisciplinary designer, architect, clay artist, and passionate cook.  We will invite everyone to connect through touch, their inner child, and creativity. We want you to have fun, be creative, and enjoy the processes. 

Of course, there will be two holistic nourishing meals a day designed by Mélanie Wehrli, a cook and holistic nutrition student. Time will be shared around colorful meals full of nutrients and goodness, a Mediterranean-inspired menu avoiding gluten, dairy and alcohol.  We would like you to feel full of energy after this autumn retreat. Recentered, well nourished, and rested.


Five double beds with private bathrooms

Two single beds with one bathroom


480 euro early bird  ( until 15/09 )

580 euro


Großer garten, Gerswalde Uckermark


SEND AN EMAIL FOR BOOKING : melicewehrli@gmail.com


Apply here : melicewehrli@gmail.com