Mimi Vollgraf

Mélanie is an intuitive cook, multidisciplinary artist, who started her career in hospitality 12 years ago, while studying fashion design in Melbourne. She loved taking care of guests at the restaurant she worked at while creating a positive vibrant energy around her. Making people feel comfortable and at ease was natural for her who grew up on a sunny island surrounded by friends and family.

Always interested in food, her mother has a photo for her cooking at the age of 5 years old standing on a bench to meet the work surface higher than her. She grew up with a mother always careful about eating a balanced healthy diet which naturally inspired her personal cooking style.

In 2015 she moved to Berlin and quickly found herself working in the kitchen of a lovely vegetarian cafe in Kreuzberg called at that time New Deli Yoga. She then worked at Father Carpenter and Isla café, a popular no waste and sustainable cafe. Meanwhile she created her personal pop ups, CHEZ ELLA and PIQUE NIQUE BY US with her friend Chelsea Turowsky.

Now based in Berlin, Mélanie dedicates her time to her own cooking. She produces her private events, works for brands, agencies, movie productions, yoga retreats, artists and more. She travels through her creations.

Her food is simple, nourishing and pleasing to the eye. She holds a great importance to nutrition, taste and aesthetic. She takes on different types of projects, like cooking wholesome food for a working team or creating a unique artistic dinner. In both ways she keeps her values, using organic ingredients and will always create a nourishing meal.

She has work in the past with My inner health club, TheStoreX, Olivia Ballard, Buffa's studio, Peace of minds studio, Liebeskind Berlin, Common vision Berlin, Art of the working class, Sips, Tales of us, Caique Tizzi, Chelsea Turowski, The slow exposure, Slowness, Day one.

Get in touch: melicewehrli@gmail.com
Instagram: melaniewehrli